The opposite of love is not hate; it is indifference.


The opposite of love is not hate; it is indifference.

Stocks, especially forex, is highly in demand. More and more people are getting more and more interested about the trading mainly because they know that there is a lot of room for everyone to succeed and enjoy huge return of investment.

One of the things people can consider, especially those who are new in the trading industry, is getting one of the best forex trading platform uk. With the many industries offering such service, finding the right one to hire may not be the easiest to do.

Of course, what you want to make sure is you are hiring the best in the industry as if you were not able to do so, you cannot maximize the potential of your investment.

To make sure that your decision will serve you right, here are some of the things you must ask your stock broker before dealing with them.

 Are your fees negotiable?

Some think that the fees being asked by brokers are fixed and non-negotiable, but actually there is a chance for you to trim the charges a bit if you negotiate. There is nothing wrong if you try to negotiate fees as more often investors get the price they asked for, if not discounted trading fees.

Do not hesitate to ask this question as you never know, the fees you are about to pay can be used to add to your investment.

 Do you operate 24/7

Trading especially forex operates 24/7 and with this, it is best if the broker you will partner with operates 24/7 as well. The longer hours they operate, the more flexibility and favorable it is for you.

Most of the time though, this information is available on their website so there is no reason to ask or confirm.