Why Garagekeepers Insurance Application?

If you own your own garage then you will need to apply for a garage keepers insurance policy as a business expense. You should also obtain liability insurance, which protects against damage or injury to people and property caused by you. You may also have to pay to have a security guard posted at the entrance of the garage so that people can enter from the outside. If the garage has any security devices such as alarms then this could also attract a higher premium.

It is also a good idea to include in your insurance policy how often the garage is used and if you have any additional equipment installed. You could also find it a good idea to include a policy on how much insurance you wish to take out on any vehicles that are parked in your garage. If you are running a garage service then it is often required by law that you provide proof of insurance before allowing anyone to use it. This is to protect you and other customers who may be using your garage from liability if you are found to have not insured your vehicles.
Before you begin the process of filling in the insurance application form you should read all the information carefully and ask any questions that you may have. If you are unsure about anything then seek advice from an insurance specialist who will be able to guide you through the process properly. In addition to making sure that your garage is safe from damage you should also make sure that your employees are working within a safe environment that does not involve risk. If there is anything else you think might benefit from adding in to your insurance you should consider contacting the company and requesting advice. They will be able to help you and provide you with a garage keeper’s insurance application form.

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