Knowing about Canada policy when it comes to asylum seekers

Canada is a country that is well known for its openness to people who are arriving in the country in search of asylum. As an asylum seeker, you might come to Canada for the same reasons that resettled refugee comes with. The difference is that you have not received government approval before moving to Canada. The above and more is what canada immigration consultants in dubai will let you know before considering Canada as your option for immigration.

As a migrant, you are free to claim whatever border post or airport or at individual offices that are within Canada. By 2017, out of the asylum seekers that came to Canada, a fifth did not have authorization which doesn’t add up to criminal prosecution as you go claiming for an asylum.
It takes about two years, whether for you to be granted protected status or not. In 2018 alone, Canada granted 7,600 cases asylum, which was about 60% of the total cases as compared to only 35%, which were granted asylum in the USA in the same year.
After being granted asylum, most of the applicants automatically qualify for permanent residents’ application. Those who don’t qualify for asylum, there are a few who end up qualifying for permanent residency that falls in the humanitarian and any other category.
Some critics feel that there are times when the asylum seekers are allowed to jump some processes and enter Canada through back door immigration. While their cases are still being considered, the asylum seekers receive potential housing assistance, work rights, and social welfare as well as healthcare.
For failed asylums, the government doesn’t end up deporting them back to their country of origin with some remaining in Canada illegally. It means that the process for the asylum to enter Canada is different from the other immigrants’ process.

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