How to play Dominoqq?


Dominoqq is a game of comparison in casinos. But there will not be any cards like other poker online games. Instead, there will be tile-like structures called as dominoes. These dominoes will have digits from one to six (two numbers on one domino). Every player will strive to get the highest-ranking hand at the end of the game. If the final rank is 9, it is known as Qui, and if it is a double nine, it is Qui-Qui, hence the game got its name. In this article, let us discuss the gameplay of Dominoqq in brief.

Start of the game – The game will start with every player placing his bet on the pot. The dealer will give three dominoes to each player. Each domino will have two numbers on its face. The players will see these numbers and do any of the following.

Bet – He can place a bet if he thinks he can win the hand
Call – If there is a bet already, one can call against it by matching the amount
Raise – It is similar to call, but after matching the amount, the player will place a simultaneous bet, thus increasing the bet amount in total.
Fold – He can decide to withdraw from the hand and not continue it.

Winning the game – As there will be three dominoes with each of the players, there will be 6 numbers in total. The hand ranking will be calculated as the last digit of the sum of all numbers. For instance, if the numbers are 4-3, 5-6, and 3-2, then the sum is 23, and the unit digit is 3. So, the rank will be three. Now, all the players can take the fourth card. If the sum of this rank and the fourth card is greater than all other players, he is the winner.

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