Adopting a Boxer Puppy

When you Adopting A Boxer puppy, you are taking on the responsibility of having to take care of him. He is going to be your responsibility and he may end up biting or chewing on things you like and he is going to be out of control at times. They have the tendency to be hyperactive and if you get in a rut in which he does the same thing over, he will probably bark at everyone in the house and have tantrums that can be quite destructive. That’s the thing about dogs, if you don’t want to deal with them, then you need to get your priorities in order and make sure that you have a good crate to house train your dog to use. If you adopt a Boxer, be sure that you get a crate and some toys for him to use in his crate.

In regards to house training your Boxer, he will need you to start by making sure that he has an area where he can go when he wants to go outside. It is very important that he have someplace he can go outside because if you keep him inside all the time, he’s not going to be able to stay out as much and he is going to be much more destructive when it comes to doing what he likes to do. You need to start by getting a crate and getting your Boxer in the crate. As long as you stick to his routine, he is likely to be happy. You might want to get him in a crate with a bed or a table so that he doesn’t scratch the floor of the crate.
Once your Boxer is in the crate, take him out into the yard. Make sure that there are some toys and a place that he can play. Be sure that there are no wires on the ground so that he won’t trip over them. Keep in mind that a boxer loves to get into trouble, so if he is not behaving properly try to reprimand him and make him realize that he is not being too disobedient. When your Boxer is in the yard playing, use a leash to walk and take him back to his crate. He will eventually learn to play by himself, just as he is going to learn to walk on his own as he gets older.

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