5 foods that don’t go well with wine

Food and beverage speak a lot about the land from where it belongs. It tells about their culture or how developed their palates are. There is a strong understanding of the use of a beverage to swallow down food.
In Italy, that beverage is wine. The tasters that come for wine tour Tuscany are offered light lunch that would help understand the wine and food pairing. There no strict rules about the wine-food pairing. The wines are aged and paired with the food matching its texture and richness.

But not every food can be slurped down with wine. Wines have their own flavor, aroma, and acidity that will cut the thick fatty food giving a refreshing feeling in the mouth. If paired wrong there is a chance of getting a hangover and not so good digestive conditions.
Here, are 5 worst food and wine pairing experience-
1. Chocolate and Red wine- Both the components contain tannin and sweetness. When paired with red wine, the chocolate overpowers the fruit with tannin. Leaving an utter bitter taste in the mouth.
2. Green vegetables and wine won’t go together. The bitterness of the vegetables will kill any wine.
3. Anchovies, tuna, salmon do not go well with wine either. The taste with oil fish can bring metallic and bitter taste in the mouth.
4. Too sweet of a dessert can ruin the taste of the wine. It can make the wine taste dull and dominate the taste buds.
5. Asparagus and garlic, they both contain organo-sulfur compounds, and an increase in chlorophyll make the wine mimic like spoiled wine.
Thus, understand and read the guide of food pairing, to get the best food- wine experience.

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